Rainbow Hill Farm is a certified organic, woman owned and operated farm, located in historic Charles Town, WV. Rainbow Hill Farm is about 19 1/2 acres, and was converted from a horse farm to organic vegetable production in 2011. Our primary mission is to support our community and local economy while offering the freshest produce at an affordable rate so families can eat organic, fresh, locally grown vegetables every day. In the spring of 2013, 90 percent of our staff was Future Farmers of America (FFA) members and students from Washington and Jefferson high schools in Jefferson County. Our produce has been sold at the Charles Town Farmers Market for the past two years and in the 2013 season we began selling to local restaurants and MOM’s Organic Market in Maryland.We grow a large assortment of crops including fruits, herbs, and flowers for our community supported agriculture program (CSA), farmer’s market, local restaurants and grocery stores. In 2014 we started installing three high tunnels to extend our growing season to a year round operation. 

About rainbow hill

Meet the Farmer

Farmer Gale Livingstone was born in Georgetown, Guyana and moved to Brooklyn, New York in 1981 as a child to live with her family.  In 1991, Gale moved to the DC Metro area where she lived until 2010.  Prior to owning Rainbow Hill Farm, Gale grew vegetables in containers on her deck and rented space with the community gardening program in Maryland to feed her passion for farming. Gale’s passion for food motivates her to grow the freshest vegetables possible and stay committed to being self-sustaining and environmentally responsible.